Dr. Rositano’s office offers the highest standard of infection control and a wide variety of services which are typical of a general practice. These services range from adult and children’s cleanings by his excellent and highly qualified dental hygienists to the more complicated full mouth reconstructions.

Preventative services include:

Every patient has a comprehensive and personalized oral health treatment plan which is reviewed with the patient using intraoral camera technology shown on computer monitors. Dr. Rositano uses the latest in digital x-ray technology which greatly reduces the amount of x-ray exposure to the patient. X-rays are never “routinely” taken, but only as deemed necessary by Dr. Rositano or the dental hygienists.

Restorative services include:

Take home bleaching products for whitening teeth and cosmetic veneers are also available to enhance your smile.Dr. Rositano welcomes children in his practice and places dental sealants on children as a quick and painless preventative treatment.

Dr. Rositano offers emergency care, and he will not hesitate to refer his patients to highly qualified specialists if he deems it necessary.